Climbing & skiing videos and photos offer by Aki Rautava with love for all my friends. Updated 1.12.2013. (guestbook read write) Contact LINKS

I have taken too much funny climbing videos also by still camera. It just takes a lot time to edit and convert videos to internet and I don´t have very much time to do that now. So be patient and stay out of internet. Go out like I do. Don´t worry be happy. I will add some videos and still pictures some day.



Rescue diver course video vol. 1

Sorry guys. I will do the second part some day.


Gravity Game 1 home page and trailer 4min 35s

Climbing video 2004


Cold action exhibition in Jyväskylä 24.4.-31.5.2006, Rovaniemi library 2007, Gas station Mikako Vanttauskoski 2009.

Album contains 25 skiing and climbing photos from years 1995-2006


Some new climbing routes photos / topos updated 25.9.2007 pdf-file

Sunny summer climbing with beautiful views (photo album)

Warm ice / mixed climbing feelings in different conditions (photo album)


Paddling photos for Olavi all pictures big size jpg. Download first

Photos and videos for Remy Escoffier and Alain Cassoura

NEW PHOTO BLOG! Photos from Chamonix & Sardinia etc... Updated 1.2.2009



25. Korouoma rescue 97MB (password protected)

24. Fire Physics 5min 47MB

23. Password is my grandfather´s first name

22. A bold little thief 29s 4MB

21. Ice climbing competition final 2004 Oulu (bad quality) 4min 53s 11,4MB)

20. Ice climbing competition 2004 Oulu (bad quality) 5min 28s 11,6MB

19. Jack ass acidious mixed climbing by Little Dennis 6min 28s 47MB

18. Jack ass fear climbing by Tapsukka 1min 28s 11MB

17. Jack ass drug climbing by Mad Matti 55s 7MB

16. New comer Jani the hard mixed pack packer 47s 6MB

15. New comer Rami the wounded man 28s 3,5MB

14. Happy members of climbing club RVK 20s 1,4MB

13. Making a mixed climbing route in Norway 1min 4s 4MB

12. Hard core men in hard place 28s 2MB

11. Mixed climbing in darkness of Kvaloya 1min 12s 4,6MB

10. Korak Bundalo on ice in Korouoma canyon 39s 2,7MB

9. Naked chef cooking water fast 1min 27s 6MB

8. On the edge 42s 2,8MB (you will need windows mediaplayer)

7. Serak avalanche 37s 2,4MB (you will need windows mediaplayer)

6. Nuit Blanche 36s 2,4MB (you will need windows mediaplayer)

5. Topping Nuit Blanche 68s 4,4MB (you will need windows mp)

4. Snow cave 27s 1,9MB (you will need windows mediaplayer)

3. Hiace cafe 19s 1,3MB (you will need windows mediaplayer)

2. Screw 24s 1,9MB (handy invent for ice screw)

1. Late night 22s 1,5MB (you will need windows mediaplayer)


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